“I’m so done!!”

Now, to get rich!


I attended Kathy’s real estate school not really knowing what to expect about the program, other than I had the objective to complete the requirements and become a licensed real estate professional.  It didn’t take long to realize that the amount information in this course of study is very large, and very detailed.  It was exciting yet very overwhelming.  Kathy assured us students of the process and every assurance she made played out as time went on.  Her knowledge backed with her decades of experience brought it all to life in a very tangible and understandable way.  Her online materials are laid out in a very organized and practical manner that allows for studying to be efficient and effective.  All the necessary information is highlighted in a way that was directly relevant to the state exam.  Following Kathy’s lead, and trusting the process was absolutely correct; she knows what she is doing.  Attending her classes reinforced, clarified, and solidified an understanding the information.  Having just taken the State Exam, I can attest first-hand to how valuable the knowledge and real life experience that Kathy shared was in successfully preparing me to pass.  The quizzes and tests in her course are directly relevant to the State Exam, and honestly were harder than the actual exam.  I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  Working through her course diligently prepared me.  I would recommend taking the real estate course with Kathy if you are eager to learn from an experienced professional whose knowledge base is second to none.  She is a great teacher, wonderful person, respect professional and a true inspiration to any student who enters her class.  She brings the profession of real estate to life for her students. Thank you so much Kathy! Jeff McGrath


Kathy got me through the salesperson exam on the first try and now for my broker license there wouldn’t be anybody better suited than her. She’s a source of wisdom and a great friend. Don’t miss out on her!



“As a former student, I can say with ease that Kathy is a wonderful teacher and the biggest reason I passed my test on the first attempt. She’s a mentor, a friend, and woman who is exceptionally well versed in the world of real estate. She’ll give you all of the tools you need to pass the state exam with ease, the rest is up to you. We (her students) didn’t coin #teamkathy for nothing! She’s an easy team to support! Thanks for everything, Kathy!”

Hey Kathy, I hope is going great with you!
I’ve already got 4 listings and representing buyers on 3 others in escrow!
I’m absolutely loving my new career path. Thanks for being such a great teacher to all of us 🙏🏼
Will Hamburg