January Arizona Real Estate Prelicense Schedule

Happy 2018 to all of you!

Hope you’ve written your 2018 business plan and getting your Arizona real estate license is part of the plan.  Plan your 90 prelicense hours. Here’s January:

The blue circle days start at 8AM.  You can stay as long as you like.  Some of our learners can only stay for half a day due to their work schedules, while others choose to stay till 2PM-ish.

Go to our sister site:  www.how2educate.com for more details.  If this works for you, go to the shopping cart, pay, and the site will notify me that you are ready to begin.  I will send you the access to the school materials and you can begin to study.

Kathy Howe

  • how2educate LLC
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 928-274-4088

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