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We are implementing a new idea into our training:  Field Trips

The Arizona Department of Real Estate has a requirement of 90 hours in the classroom for real estate instruction.  Over and above that, we are implementing a new idea for those who wish to participate:  Field Trips

On Thursday, October 5, 2017, 7 of our learners were offered a trip to a close-by listing that was on the local real estate broker tour.  We made it clear that the time did not count towards their 90 hours.  All wanted to go.  7 learners piled into 3 cars and drove the 2 minutes to the listing on tour:  Jan Bigelow’s 215 E. Ridge Rd, Sedona, AZ property.  When the group arrived, Kathy Howe introduced the learners to the agent at the property and explained their purpose.  We stayed about 10 minutes and returned to the classroom to resume our class time.  A great discussion about “how” you view a property with a client, and what disclosures are required by Arizona law.

The next time will be to an escrow company…

On Oct. 27, Pioneer Title will host those of our class who can attend “lunching and learning” about preliminary title reports and prorations.

There is so much criticism from the real estate community that the new people don’t get trained…well, we at how2educate LLC want to change that, if only a little.

Getting a good start makes all the difference!

Field trips… are good.

Kathy Howe

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