First Time Passers

how2educate LLC prides itself on the high 1st-time Arizona Real Estate Exam pass rate.  Our learners are the best prepared in the industry!

Bradley Cox passed the state exam on 11-15-18 and will join his mom and dad’s team (Kathy & Tim Cox) at ReMax Sedona properties.

Debbie Chanel Gregor passed her school exam on 8-30-18…  Congrats! Deb!  She’s off to work with Kris Anderson and Scott Pitts at EXP!  What a crew!

Erica Woolsey passed her school exam on 2-24 and then the state exam on 2-26…first time!  Congrats Erica!!

Will Hamburg passed his Arizona state exam on January 16…first time!!

Tracy Kumbera took her school final on Friday and passed her state exam on Saturday.  Bravo!!

Jeanne Watson-Smith and her husband Brian Smith are the most recent graduates to pass their Arizona real estate salesperson exam first try.  Brian is also licensed in California.

They have yet to decide where they will put their licenses, but wherever it is, the broker will be a lucky broker.

When asked about the exam, Jeanne responded:

“It was all very straight forward.  Basic understanding of terms, basic math, nothing unknown.  Knowing the differences between deed of trust and mortgages and foreclosure process, basic ARLTA, types of deeds and their purpose, levels of ownership, bundle of rights, ways to take title and the repercussions.  Arizona questions were much more “nit picky” than national, but still very straight ahead.  Your materials covered all of it.”

Alex Kaler and Irene Calhoun passed their Arizona Real Estate Exams this month – both passed their first attempt.

Alex is heading off to Coldwell Banker – Sedona

Irene is heading to Realty Executives – Cottonwood


“As a former student, I can say with ease that Kathy is a wonderful teacher and the biggest reason I passed my test on the first attempt. She’s a mentor, a friend, and woman who is exceptionally well versed in the world of real estate. She’ll give you all of the tools you need to pass the state exam with ease, the rest is up to you. We (her students) didn’t coin #teamkathy for nothing! She’s an easy team to support! Thanks for everything, Kathy!”

Alex, you were a pleasure to have in the classroom.  Here’s to a most prosperous career!
On Yelp:


Kathy got me through the salesperson exam on the first try and now for my broker license there wouldn’t be anybody better suited than her. She’s a source of wisdom and a great friend. Don’t miss out on her!

  • Raphael L.

Raphael, I’m thrilled to have you back in class!


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