Welcome to what many of the learners call “#teamkathy”.

We do have fun while we learn.  Our online platform allows all learners to access the materials from whatever device they choose…anywhere…anytime; but, 90 hours must be in the classroom.  All details can be found at our prelicense page at how2educate LLC, including the schedule.

We start the AM class at 8AM and end at 2PM.  Sometimes our learners like to work through lunch.

We don’t “start” a class.  Our classes are ongoing.  You come when it’s convenient for you.

You should read all the 18 chapters prior to starting class so if we discuss chapter 8 (Water Law & Environmental Law) you will have an idea of what we are talking about.  You can read all 18 chapters without taking notes in about 2 6 hour sessions.  Can’t sleep?  Read up!  Don’t take any notes.  Don’t take the quizzes.  Just read.  You’ll go back and read and take the quizzes as we talk about them in class.

One of our current learners actually set up a Jeopardy quiz for us on Fair Housing and ADA!  We are putting it into the course.  Yes, I encourage many of you to do “demo day”… take a subject matter and “you be the teacher”.   Jaslen Campa, thanks girl!

One day a learner brought down his drone to show us how it works… Thanks Justin Bemis!


Twice now we’ve gone down to 89Agave for Margaritas and Mexican food after class.

The classes are held at Kathy’s house:  65 Manzanita Lane, Sedona, AZ.  At first, Kathy was concerned that people would not be comfortable there, but it has turned out to be a wonderful experience.  More casual.  Many more questions can be discussed…  yes, you can ask questions in class and you will get an answer and a discussion.  It’s how we learn together.

We do flashcards together.

We do quizzes together as teams.

Kathy has written the entire course and is qualified to answer your questions.  She’s also a practicing real estate broker through her brokerage firm:  Lifestyles of Arizona LLC.  You will get real-life experiences.  The scenarios in your materials may just be recent and real!

We try to show you “how” to practice the law that you are learning, because we find it helps you connect the dots and associate the material to things you have experienced.

Kathy will take your calls, your emails, your texts, and your questions.

Come join us!  Love to have you!!


Kathy Howe, administrator and educator, for how2educate LLC

Call or text:  928-274-4088 with questions


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As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you the web address of the platform to access your materials, along with your ID and password… let the reading begin.